Extreme Desperation = Revelation

Jun 30, 2010
Extreme desperation often brings undeniable revelation!
Listening is leading…the leader who feels like he needs to talk all of the time but refuses to listen will eventually be walking alone!

#2 - Extreme desperation often brings undeniable revelation!

I’ve personally experienced that the times that I’ve truly become the most desperate for God are the times that I’ve been able to hear His voice SO much clearer than ever before.

He doesn’t bring us to times of desperation to reprimand us but rather to remind us that, apart from His power, we’re screwed.

I believe the reason that so many times the church isn’t hearing from God is because we don’t really think we need Him…we have ceased to be desperate.

YET…over and over again in the Scriptures we see that extreme desperation brings undeniable revelation.  Take a second and read Acts 16:6-10.  Seriously…go ahead, either look it up or just click on the link.  Here we have the Apostle Paul in a desperate situation…He is passionately pursuing the vision God gave him back in Acts 9.  (AND…he keeps meeting resistance to what he thought he needed to do!)

YET…in Acts 16:9 God’s purpose and plan for Paul becomes UNDENIABLY clear…the vision was straight forward, all because Paul was willing to stay DESPERATE until he heard from God.

Pastors…church leaders…when was the LAST TIME we were truly desperate for God?  Because…extreme desperation often brings undeniable revelation.  Let’s be leaders who are not merely dependent upon our own strategies…but rather are DESPERATE to see Him move in a way that is unexplainable and undeniable.