Every Number Has A Name…

Apr 22, 2013

One of the things we say around here at NewSpring Church is that "Every number has a name, every name has a story and every story matters to God."  

And this past Thursday I was reminded how true this is as I was given a card to read that had been sent in to our care team at the church.  After reading it I thanked Jesus that He has allowed me to be a part of a church that cares about people far from God.  I have included the note from the card below...

"Dear NewSpring,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family in the recent loss of our father, Wilson.  The grilled chicken was delicious and provided a lovely reception after the funeral for our large family.

I have always been amazed at how your church impacted our father.  Wilson was in his 80's and had been in church all of his life, even taught Sunday school.  

It was only during one of your pastors sermons, however, that Wilson finally understood what grace and salvation truly meant and was therefore truly saved that day!  The light came on that day and he couldn't quit talking about it.  He loved your church and it saved his life.  We are forever grateful."  

Stories like these NEVER get old!  

I love my church!