Ever Had One Of Those Morning?

Sep 12, 2006

I love coffee—love it! I drink it every morning…and throughout the day as well. In fact—I WOULD be drinking it right now if I could get the stupid coffee maker in the break room to work. (I’m not bitter.)

I tried to get it to work—I did what every man does when something electronic does not work—I unplugged it, waiting for three seconds and then plugged it back in.

No luck!

So…I’m sitting here without any coffee—desiring coffee with all my heart—pray that someone will bring me some coffee!

It really has been sort of a crazy morning…besides the coffee thing my computer had some problems this morning…it would not start…I stared at it—it stared back at me. This was so frustrating…so, I did what any man would do in a situation like this—I just turned it off, waited three seconds and then turned it right back on. It’s working for now…

The gym this morning…AHH! I did not feel like being there—it was whipping my tail! When you feel like that you’ve just got to push through…

Oh yeah, I had my IPOD on the star climber and I was jamming out & sweat was flying everywhere…until my IPOD fell in the floor and I had to stop exercising and retrieve my IPOD because everyone knows you’ve GOT to have some tunes when you work out.

And then to top it off there was a car in front of me on the way to work that slammed on brakes…I am not sure why…maybe there was a lizard or something crossing the road…OR maybe it was someone who knew me and wanted to see if I would use excessive amounts of profanity and tell them that they are number one…I did neither…

Days like this are bound to happen…and I can take it in stride because of something I saw while reading Acts 10 yesterday…really cool story…and without going into a ton of detail I came away with just one thought…right now, I mean RIGHT NOW, in THIS very moment—NO MATTER what you are going through, whether things are good or bad—God is at work, doing things you would not believe!

That thought PUMPED me up yesterday—God is at work. Now from my point of view He is working behind the scenes because I can’t see what He is doing; however, from HIS point of view (the one that matters) He is working on center stage—you see, this universe revolves around Him…not us.

So—let that be your encouragement…God is at work right now, doing incredible things…things that you are probably not aware of but one day will see…and they will bring you joy.

Now…don’t forget—pray that I can get some coffee!!!

(Update—since I wrote this about 30 minutes ago my hero for the day, Paul Marshall, got the coffee pot working and brewed a fresh pot…wow…you see—GOD IS WORKING…and He chose to work through Paul!!!)