Eating Cookies Or Killing Babies, Do I Have To Choose?

Feb 3, 2014

I know the title was shocking, but before we dive into this subject allow me to clearly identify where I stand on this issue…

#1 – I am unapologetically pro-life. 

#2 – To my knowledge I have never voted for a pro-choice candidate (and would find it difficult to ever do so.)  

#3 – I believe human life absolutely begins at conception, to disagree in light of more and more scientific data proving this point is nothing more than intellectual dishonesty.

#4 – Abortion breaks my heart.   

#5 – This issue is very personal to me as my parents strongly considered aborting me (I found this out much later in life), and one of my best friends, Clayton King, was given birth rather than be aborted by his teenage mother. 

With all of this in mind, I believe the recent decision by several churches and Christian organizations to align themselves with pro-life groups participating in “Cookie Cott 2014,” a boycott on Girl Scout Cookies, is one of the most ludicrous ideas I’ve ever seen.

First of all, the thin mint girl scout cookies are my favorite (and I have already placed my order for this year.)

Some are actually arguing (as mentioned in the title) that if I buy a box of Girl Scout cookies then I am basically murdering unborn babies…because the Girl Scouts supposedly give money to Planned Parenthood, a pro-choice group.

The insanity of that argument is unreal! 

Because…if that argument is carried out to its logical conclusion then everyone who calls themselves a Christian needs to go to their pantry and make sure all of the food they have was produced and packaged by Christian companies who fully support a conservative agenda. (Because, if not then it would be hypocritical to be involved in this movement!)   

We also need to consider the cars that we drive; after all, the automakers are probably highly involved politically in some causes with which we do not agree. 

We then should consider the furniture in our homes, who it was made by…and the people who made our televisions, computers and cell phones. 

If this is the stance we are going to take on these issues then the safest thing to do is take all of our money out of the banks, withdraw to a cave, raise our children in the version of Utopia we create and beg Jesus to come back ASAP. 

Theologically I agree that abortion is wrong, and ideologically I wish we lived in a world where it was not rampant; however, our methodology in approaching this issue HAS to be conversation, NOT condemnation. 

Jesus says in John 3:17 that He did not come to the world to condemn the world. If He didn’t come for the purpose of condemnation then I am quite sure He hasn’t asked “His followers” to do it on His behalf. 

As a friend of mine said recently, we’ve been called to “shine the light” into a dark world, NOT shake a fist at it! 

One of the biggest problems with some people who vehemently oppose abortion is they have never sat down and locked eyes with a woman who has had an abortion. 

The term “abortion” is nothing more than a “sin category” they are obsessed with. Unfortunately, far too many “Christians” always seem to be obsessed with the sins of others way more than their own faults and failures.

We don’t know each and every story that goes along with why a woman chose to have an abortion, but, I have spoken with several ladies in my church who have had to deal with the fact they chose to abort a child. They were all very scared at the time, fear consumed them and many of them were driven to the abortion clinic by their parents with no choice but to go through with the abortion.

I have sat and watched men weep as they told me about the decision to press their girlfriend into having an abortion because they did not want to be a father.

Abortion is an issue that runs so much deeper than a surface level boycott.   

This is a real issue, with real people involved, with real hearts, with real souls…who REALLY matter to God.  

Abortion carries a scar that runs so deep that most people never fully recover from the damaging impact it has had on them. 

And so when “Christians” enter the arena with these wounded people, shouting words of condemnation and with attitudes of hate and disdain, the people who so desperately need the healing of Jesus are actually pushed away from Him because the people who are supposed to be His hands and feet are slapping them, not accepting them. 

It really is sad when Planned Parenthood and The Girl Scouts are actually acting more Christ like than many of the people who are taking aim at them through this boycott! 

Abortion is an issue that will NEVER be done away with through legislation; it will take a transformation of the heart that will only be brought about through the clear, hope filled proclamation of the Gospel. 

The cross of Jesus Christ covers all sins…and, all sins need to be covered by the cross of Christ. Far too often the people who are most opposed to a certain type of “sin” are obsessed with the sins of others only so they will not have to deal with their own faults and failures. 

(Most Christians also do not understand the ground at the cross is level, that Jesus died for the person who has had multiple abortions as much as He died for the person born in a church building and have immersed themselves in self righteousness ever since they can remember. If it were not for the grace of God all of us would be the very people we criticize and condemn.)

Jesus clearly said in John 13:34-35 that His followers would be known by their love for one another, not their protests and boycott signs. 

(By the way, how did that whole “Baptist Boycott of Disney” work out back in 1996? The last time I checked Disney is doing better than ever, and the SBC had less than 4,000 delegates at their convention last summer…hmm.)

One more thought in regards to this issue: What happens if these organizations win this battle with the Girl Scouts? What if this boycott is so effective that the Girl Scouts cease to exist due to lack of funding and Planned Parenthood has major financial setbacks as a result? 

The boycott groups would sit back and yell, “we win!” 

My question then would be, “what did you win?” You succeeded in making a point, but you still have not made a difference.

Having an abortion is an issue of the heart…and only JESUS has the power to change a heart, only through the proclamation of the GOSPEL will people hear about Jesus, and when Jesus takes over someone’s life HE will change more in five minutes that a boycott could change in 500 years. 

I feel like the enemy has been pretty crafty on this issue, if he can get people who call themselves “Christians” to become obsessed with issues other than the Gospel (which is “the good news) then we will not focus on what Jesus focused on and will actually begin to hate and disdain the people Jesus actually died for. 

I am fully opposed to abortion. I believe in adoption and foster care are far better options than “surgical removal;” however, I know that the proclamation of the Gospel with a right attitude will do far more to influence this movement than hate-filled political movements that make the news but never make a long term difference. 

Before you go, if you have ever had an abortion and have been hurt and/or wounded by those who call themselves Christians I would plead with you for your forgiveness. Christians are imperfect people (even though some pretend they are not.) I hope you know God loves you, Jesus gave His life for you and that even though there is nothing you can do about your past but putting your hope in Jesus will give you an amazing future.  

(This story about a lady in our church who had an abortion and finally discovered she could not out-sin the grace of God is worth your time!)