Early Bird Rate For NLC Extended

Aug 12, 2010

Just in case you haven’t heard…we’re having a leadership conference here at NewSpring Church on Thursday, September 16th.  :-)

It is a one day conference, the early bird rate is $99…and the speakers include…

  • Francis Chan
  • Steven Furtick
  • Mark Driscoll
  • Jud Wilhite
  • Judah Smith
  • Me
  • AND…as of this past Monday, Rick Warren

The original early bird rate ($99) was set to expire to tomorrow; however, since signups have literally doubled in the past few days we’ve decided to extend the $99 rate until next Thursday (August 19th)...after that day the rate will go to $129.  (AND…if you are wanting to get signed up I would do it pretty quick…like I said the signups have doubled, seats are going fast!)

So, once again, here is where you get signed up…this day is going to be amazing/intense and life changing…hope to see you here!

(BTW…wanted to answer two questions that have been asked a lot - first one is will this event be broadcast live over the internet.  The answer is no…we will be broadcasting Unleash in March but not the leadership event.  The second one is are all of the speakers going to be appearing live or will some of the be here via video…the answer is that all of our speakers will be here live.)