Aug 24, 2017

Do You Need A Coach?

I can remember the early days when I started a church…

…feeling alone, confused and frustrated the majority of the time!  

I had no idea what in the heck I was doing - and no idea who to turn to for guidance…and I can remember thinking so often, “I wish I had someone to coach me through all of this!”  

About a year or so in I found what I had been wishing/praying for in a guy who a friend introduced me to named Ron Lewis.  He was one of the wisest, godliest men I had ever met - and although the investment wasn’t “affordable” (we didn’t have a lot of money) - I knew it was necessary for my leadership to go to the next level.  

As a church we made the investment to bring him in and coach us…and it was so incredible we did so again the next year - and I can honestly say we received from Ron WAY more than we invested.  

And it was this experience that galvanized the idea in me that I was going to invest in leadership coaching for the rest of my life.  

If you are a church leader then I know there have been times where you have absolutely felt alone, confused and frustrated in regards to what you are going through.  And, no doubt, you’ve thought many times about what it would be like to be able to have some sort of coaching in this season you are in…

Which is why I am writing this article…

Starting on Wednesday, September 13 I am going to begin doing online coaching for church leaders.  

There will be four coaching sessions, a private Facebook Group where you can interact with my team here at The Growth Company (and get your personal questions answered) and a few other surprises we are working on as well.  

Space is limited to 15 participants - and we are anticipating this to fill up rather quickly.  So - if you want more information and/or to register you can go here and do so (it’s first come, first serve!)  

Anytime we want to grow as a leader we must be willing to make an investment when it comes to time and money - and if we are not willing to invest, we will soon be passed by those who are willing to do so.  

I can’t wait to lead this online coaching community - I think the things we are going to talk about are going to absolutely set you up for success as a leader—and when you get better…so does everything and everyone you lead.   

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