Aug 2, 2012

Do Not Hire Them If… (Seven Things We Need To Look At!)

#1 - You have to talk yourself into hiring them!!! If you have to convince yourself it’s most likely going to turn out really bad!

#2 - You are more obsessed with filling a position than you are finding the right person. Take your time…putting the wrong person in a position will cost you more in the long run!

#3 - They are not coachable - a person who will not receive input/correction will become a lid to your church/organization.

#4 - You feel sorry for them - just because they can’t get a job does not mean you are obligated to give them one.

#5 - The thought of spending time with them makes you want to jump out of a window! Seriously, team chemistry is essential to conquering the challenges that will be placed in front of you. On many days you will spend most of your waking hours with these people…why place yourself in a room full of people you¬†secretly¬†wish you could get away from?

#6 - You can’t get past that “thing in your gut!” No matter how great their resume is…no matter how great they did in the interviews…you have to go with your gut. (OR…in the church world we often call that THE HOLY SPIRIT!)

#7 - They spend the majority of their interview time blaming the past few places they worked for their lack of success. If they blame them then it will be a matter of time before they are at another interview table blaming you.

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