May 10, 2010

Coaching Network Update…

We’re still taking applications for our fall coaching network.  (I posted here last week in regards to the dates and contact information to receive an application.)  The deadline for applications is THIS Friday at 5pm and we’ve been blown away by the response so far…lots of applications requests and we still have a week to go…so…if you think this is something you may want to dive into then click on the link in this post, contact Karla to get an application, and we will be in touch in the next few weeks.

(I really do wish we could take every applicant…but because we want to keep the number of participants at around 20 or under we have this process in place…and I have a team of people who assist me in prayerfully selecting the applicants.  We take this network pretty seriously…we don’t just meet four times and then kick people to the curb…I literally have a team of people who minister to the pastors during the network…AND afterwards as well!  The goal of this network isn’t to gather pastors…but to literally minister to them!)

Can’t wait to get this started!

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