Apr 28, 2009

Coaching Network Update

I’ve mentioned it a few times on this blog…but I wanted to throw out one more time that I am doing a coaching network this fall.  (Here is my original post about it...and like I said in the post…if you want to apply then please email Lindsay.Taguba@newspring.cc to request an application.)

Before requesting an application let me remind you of several things…

  • There is a time commitment…it will be a total of four sessions…the dates have already been set (and are listed on the application.)
  • There is a financial commitment.  It costs $1,500 and the payment is due no later than June 30th.
  • There is an attitude commitment.  We are seeking people with people who really want to do what is right instead of complaining about all that is wrong.
  • There is a hunger commitment.  Everyone should be HUNGRY to learn from everyone in this network.


AND…FYI…I am not making the final decision on who and who does not get accepted.  I am assembling a team of around four or five people that are going to help me read through, pray over and select whom we feel the Lord wants to be involved in this round of coaching.

I’ve been overwhelmed at the number of application requests…it seriously has blown my mind.  And I can’t wait for this thing to get cranked up!!!

BUT…let me remind you one more time…THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIVING APPLICATIONS IS 5:00 EST on WEDNESDAY, MAY 6th!!!

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