Changes A Growing Ministry Have Brought About In Me - Part Two

Sep 1, 2010

Continuing from yesterday’s post…

#4 - I Have Become More Dependent On The People Whom God Has Surrounded Me With.

When we first began NewSpring Church I had the mentality that “if I want something to be done right then I must do it myself.”  It took me years to discover (the hard way) that that thought was driven by insecurity, pride and a desire to control everything.

I used to know everything about every ministry that was happening here at NewSpring Church…and today I find myself saying when asked about a particular ministry, “I don’t know.”  Why?  Because I have really gifted men and women around me who have embraced God’s call on their life and are passionate about their area of ministry and making a difference…and they can do a MUCH better job handling the day to day issues associated with that ministry than I can.

Basically…I hire the right people and get out of their way.

However, let me be VERY clear before moving on from here.  I am very quick to delegate responsibility and authority…but I never, I mean EVER delegate vision.  Doing so will lead to a church that is very busy with activity but actually not accomplishing anything significant.  AND…if there are ever times when I really feel the Lord press into me about a particular ministry…I listen to His voice and begin to ask the right people the right questions in order to obtain clarity as to the direction that particular ministry is taken.

#5 - I Have Become More Dependent Upon His Holy Spirit.

One of the most common phrases I keep seeing in the book of Acts has to do with the leadership being “filled with the Spirit,” which is something that I am continually begging God for on a daily basis.

The power that is available to followers of Jesus through His Holy Spirit is unlimited!  And I am beginning to discover that the more I rely on His Spirit the less I worry about my inadequacies and inabilities.

I remember getting ready to go out and speak and confessing to some ladies in my office that I was very nervous about the upcoming message that I was about to give…and one of them looked at me and say in a very respectful but direct way, “Perry, when are you going to stop relying on your abilities and learn to depend on the anointing that God has given you?”


I can’t say I have mastered the art of not worrying before a message…but I can say the more I depend on Him the better I feel about doing what He’s called me to do.