Canceling Church On December 28?

Dec 16, 2014

So, is NewSpring canceling church on Sunday, December 28? 

Yes—sort of! 

We are going to have an AMAZING online experience that will be available all day on the 28th at where we CELEBRATE all that Jesus has done in 2014 and ANTICIPATE all we are believing for Him to do in 2015! 

(If you are making your plans with God, make them big, right?!) 

However, we will not be doing a live service at any of our locations on that day. 

“Why??” you ask! 


On Saturday, December 20th we will begin our Christmas services (which are going to be UNFORGETTABLE!) 

We will have a total of 74 services when you combine all of our services at every campus. 

Thousands of volunteers will be involved in making the best Christmas services ever possible, and we are anticipating RECORD crowds (and salvations!) 

After an incredible run such as that I really feel it would be best to give our amazing volunteers and staff “a Sunday off.” 

As I stated earlier, we are STILL having an online experience on the 28th. 

But we want for that day to be a Sunday where our staff and volunteers can totally relax and enjoy the Christmas season and one another. 

We will be cranking back up FULL BLAST on Sunday, January 4, 2015 as we begin our “Year of Celebration!” (Our church is 15 years old next year!) And, we will be doing something a bit different on this day as we talk about what we have planned for this next year (series and such) and what we are believing that Jesus is going to do in YOUR life and in our church. 

But, once again, if you show up to a campus on December 28 you are going to be pretty lonely. 

A Sunday off is very well deserved by our staff and volunteers!! AND…we will all be INCREDIBLY EXCITED to be back at church on January 4!