Boycott The DaVinci Code?

Apr 4, 2006

Here we go again…Christians making an attempt to let the world know what we are against rather than what we stand for!

I have been reading articles and blog sites that are calling for all Christians to boycott the Davinci Code—and some are actually going to protest outside of local theatres. (Believe me—I have WAY better things to do with my time!)

People are wondering what NewSpring’s response to the Davinci Code is going to be; after all, this is the book that has stayed the #1 best selling work of FICTION for over a year…not even a new John Grisham novel could take its place.

AND…just in case you haven’t read it—it has caused a stir in the world in regards to Christianity, the church, Jesus, Scripture…and a host of other things as well.

I wanted to judge for myself what I thought about the book…so I bought it and read it (in two days!!!) I can say that it is an incredible work of FICTION—very well written—a page turner if you will; however, the book introduces some flat out lies about Jesus, the church and many other things that I believe simply cannot be ignored.

So—starting on Easter weekend—April 16, NewSpring is going to begin a series of messages entitled Davinci Decoded…in this series we are going to be exploring the person of Jesus Christ, did He really think He was God? Is He really alive? What does all of that mean today?

In the second week we are going to be exploring the Bible…is it really reliable? Are there other alternate Gospels that we should be reading? Did Constantine assemble the Bible for his political purposes?

The third week is going to be awesome as well as we look at Mary…was she really married to Jesus and have a child with Him, moving to France after He was crucified? Is she really the Holy Grail?

And the fourth week—in my opinion—is going to be one of the most powerful services we have ever had at NewSpring…I am not letting any details out now—but trust me, May 7th is a day you will not want to miss!

The reason we decided to address this series is this—the book AND the movie are a part of our culture…AND Christians and non-Christians alike have read the book and are going to see the movie. With Christians it could cause them to question their faith…and with non-Christians it could cause them to reject the faith altogether.

So we thought it best to teach the TRUTH! One thing God isn’t scared about is when people investigate Christianity! We are told in Scripture to know what we believe and why we believe it. Christianity is not an empty headed religion—you don’t have to turn in your brain to follow Christ.

(I think people think that being a Christian = being stupid because when they have had questions in the past and the person they were asking questions to could not answer the question they would just blow up and say, “Don’t ask questions—JUST BELIEVE IT!”)

I am so glad there were people around me when I first began getting into the church that took the time to answer my hard questions…and that is what this series of message is going to do! We are NOT going to burn books and stage sit-ins, but we are going to expose the lies and myths that Dan Brown introduces and show everyone who attends that Jesus is exactly who the Bible says He is!