BIG Sunday Heading Our Way…

Jun 24, 2008

We talk about this all the time at NewSpring…we plan ahead.  Seriously, we are about five or six months out in regards to sermon concepts…and always at least 3-4 weeks out in planning for a specific service.  I believe that God works through people who are willing to continually seek His face, do all that we can and then BEG Him to make up the difference.

But…from time to time God changes things up…sometimes weeks in advance…and then sometimes its days (or even hours) before what we had originally planned takes place.  And so, this coming Sunday—well, let’s just say He’s changing things up!!!

I’ve been away for 10 days…and while I was on vacation God completely ROCKED my world. Seriously, I feel like Jeremiah did in Jeremiah 20:9…He’s set me ON FIRE…and I feel like if I don’t get out of me what He has put into me—I’m going to explode. So…

I will be speaking live this Sunday at NewSpring. I had planned on being off for one more week—but what I feel like I need to communicate to our church can’t be covered in one Sunday—I need two weeks to do it…so this weekend and July 6th I will be spending some time talking about what I really feel the Lord wants to show us!

I haven’t been THIS PUMPED UP in a long time. I can’t wait until Sunday…and the next Sunday as well.

Also—we will be announcing an upcoming change this Sunday that I think is going to be AWESOME.

Seriously—Sunday’s going to be great…I can’t wait!