Awesome Sayings From Chicago

Oct 26, 2006

OK…this conference has been one of THE top conferences I have ever attended—EVER!!! I’ve been able to hear from some pastors and leaders that are from churches where God is doing some amazing things—people such as Craig Groeschel, Matthew Barnett, David Ireland, Gene Appel, and Mark & Nicole Conner. (Tomorrow I will get to hear from John Burke.)

As I said in my previous post—I have been stretched WAY beyond anything I ever imagined. I wanted to share some of the things that have been shared up here…and in no way does this reflect the entire conference…it’s just some of the things that have been said…

“There ought to be something in every church service that you don’t like…and you should be mature enough as a Christian to say, ‘I don’t like that personally—but if it reaches people for Christ then praise God!’”

“Weekend experiences should be a place where people can experience the power of God wherever they are in their spiritual journey.”

“If people showed the emotion about people stepping into a Christ less eternity that they showed regarding the way people dress in church then the world could be turned upside down for Christ.”

“We’re not called to cope with change or manage change—we are called to LEAD CHANGE!”

“Eagerness must be combined with brokenness.”

“The Holy Spirit needs to lead the church—not small minded people.”

“Don’t take a window shopping approach to building your church—get a God given vision!”

“What if what happened in the Bible could happen in the church?”

“What if, as a church,, we could redeem technology and use it for God.”

“Stop expecting people to come to your world and go to theirs.”

“If you reach the people that nobody wants then God will eventually send the people that everybody wants.”

Those are some things I have picked up…and I am having a BLAST!!!

I can’t wait for this Sunday—speaking of this Sunday—two things…

#1 - Don’t forget to wind your clock back on Saturday night.

#2 - Don’t forget to wear your pink shirt & hang out afterwards for the picture.

I can promise you that Sunday will be one of the most direct, blunt, and biblical messages you have ever heard on the subject of sex. Should be fun!!!