Mar 12, 2012

Attention Children’s Pastors, Directors, Ministers!!!  FREE RESOURCES!

Let’s face it…children’s curriculum is expensive.  (I’m NOT saying that is wrong to charge for it…REALLY great people produce REALLY amazing curriculum and make a living by doing so!)

However, one of the realities of ministry that I’ve never forgotten is that when you have few people and even fewer dollars it really is a challenge when it comes to resources and finances to do what you want to do.  (BTW…that’s NOT an excuse to do things poorly…just an observation about an obstacle that MUST be fought through!)

Here at NewSpring Church we’ve never forgotten where we’ve came from…God has been so good to us and it really is our desire to help as many churches as possible by GIVING away the things that Jesus has blessed us with.

Two years ago we began assembling a children’s curriculum team that would produce all of our children’s ministry curriculum “in house,” with the long term vision of when we were able to do this we would then make all of our stuff available to other churches FOR FREE.

So, finally, after a two year journey it’s FINALLY happened.  We began a brand new series here at NewSpring that has a pirate theme a few weeks ago and our kids LOVE IT! (Here is the promo for it we ran in our main services.)

And here’s the deal…we want to GIVE IT TO YOU…YOUR CHURCH can have it, FREE…NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!!  We are NOT going to lure you into something for “free” and then try to sell you something down the road.  When we say free we mean free.

You can go right here to this website right now and get it...what’s included?

  • Free downloadable curriculum for babies, preschoolers and elementary kids!
  • Small group lessons
  • Handouts
  • Age appropriate coloring sheets
  • Large group scripts & presentations
  • Worship videos
  • Bible story videos
  • Shopping lists
  • Lessons for children with special needs
  • And MORE!

We don’t just believe in our church…we believe in the Big “C” Church…and that means YOUR church!

If you have any questions about our children’s curriculum then shoot us an email at -

We love YOUR church!

(BTW…Cherie Duffey is our Children’s Director and is AMAZING…here is where you can find her on twitter!)

(AND…btw…there are TONS of other free resources at this site as well...not just children’s stuff.  Go check it out!)



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