Are You Overwhelmed As A Leader (our first LIVE event for leaders at Second Chance!)

Feb 27, 2019

If you are a leader - then at some point in your leadership journey you have felt overwhelmed—and maybe even considered giving up all together.  

But you can’t - because you’ve came too far to turn back now.  And God gifted and called you to lead (and will always complete what He begins!)  

“But how do I stay in the game when the pressure is paralyzing my ability to even live,” you ask.  

This question (along with several other factors) is what led to me putting together an event coming up at the end of March called, “The Overwhelmed Leader.”

At this event we will take a look at…

* 7 myths about overwhelmed leaders  

* 10 reasons leaders get overwhelmed

* 5 dangers of feeling overwhelmed in leadership

* 5 steps to take to step out of an overwhelmed life.  

    There are two options for attending this event:  

    1 - You can attend online - the date it will be aired is Wednesday, March 27 from 9:30am - 12pm (EST).  (With several playback times throughout the day—as well as on Thursday.)  

    The cost to attend online is $49 - and you can have as many people as you want to watch the event.  

    or…option #2 (super excited about this)  

    2 - You can attend LIVE - this will be our first live event we have done in our new facility at Second Chance Church - it’s limited to 100 people, the early bird rate is $59 (until April 14—then goes up to $89.)  

    The live event will be on Wednesday, March 27 from 9:30 - 12pm (EST) - and afterwards there will be a tour of the facility, a catered in lunch and I will host a Q & A session.  (And…the Q & A session will be limited on this day to those who attend the event live.)  

    I really do believe this event is going to help leaders (both business and church leaders) to identify where they are (in regards to feeling overwhelmed) as well as establish a plan to move from merely surviving to absolutely thriving.  

    Go here to get registered ASAP - can’t WAIT for this event to take place!!!