Dec 7, 2017

Are You Frustrated With Your Physical Appearance?

Are you frustrated with your physical appearance?  

Are you where you want to be physically?  

I know this is the most HORRIBLE time of year to ask these questions with all of the AMAZING food available!  However, it is THE BEST time to begin thinking through these things...because...

...we are quickly approaching the end of the year--and it's that time when people begin talking to us about setting goals for 2018.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE believer in goal setting and believe, if done properly, can lead to us making significant advances in life.

However, often times when I hear people talk about goal setting they often leave out having physical goals--which I would argue are essential to being able to accomplish the other goals on our list.

(If we always feel like crap--we aren't going to be motivated to actually accomplish anything significant!)

For years "lose weight" was my physical goal; however, that was it...I never wrote down how much weight I wanted to lose...OR in what time frame I wanted to lose it in. (If a goal is not specific and does not have a time limit on it--then 99% of the time we will not accomplish the goal.

So, instead of saying, "I want to lose weight" I should have said, "I want to lose 20 pounds over the next 90 days." That is a goal that is specific and can be measured (and accomplished!)

One of the reasons I believe my goals were not specific when it came to weight loss was--I had NO IDEA how in the heck I was supposed to do it. I read books, bought workout DVD's and ran until I had back problems and couldn't do it anymore.

I bought books by health experts that were full of scientific research and statistics--but said very little about the specifics of how to apply all they were saying.

When it came to this area of my life I was SO frustrated and wanted to give up... ...until 18 months ago when I literally got on track--and right now I am in the best shape I've ever been in, I weigh the lowest I've weighed since the SIXTH grade and I've actually lost four inches in the waist.

And the most awesome thing has been--doing this has NOT been hard. In fact, by understanding a few key concepts, adjusting my thinking and making some lifestyle adjustments I've been able to accomplish what I used to think was impossible!

And...if I can do can too!

Which is why I wrote, "I Can Win With Weight--A 90 Day Guide To Losing Weight And Feeling Great."

This $7 eBook which will be released on Tuesday of next week will help you understand the importance of eating right and exercise as well as set you up on a 90 day plan that will help you take major steps towards victory in this area of your life.

And not only do you get the book...but you will receive a devotional for the first 10 days after your purchase as well as being brought into a private Facebook group where we, as a community, will walk through this journey together.

I have NO DOUBT this eBook will help you take steps forward in this journey unlike anything you've ever experienced in your life.

I can't wait to walk with you as you win with weight!

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