A “Shout Out” To The Men I Serve With!

May 20, 2007

I once heard John Maxwell say, “Those closest to you will determine your level of success.” I am continually discovering the truth of that particular statement more and more. Let me say up front that I get WAY too much credit for all that is “right” about NewSpring. It’s not me…it is the team that I serve with, and while I can’t mention everyone in this post…I wanted to say thanks to…

Wilson - dude, I remember the night you dedicated your life to Christ, you were already saved…but that night you NAILED it down, we were at Trevor’s church…and I saw a change in you. I remember the early days of NewSpring, how you gave countless time and energy to the vision…and how that night at Creekside when I asked you to come on board you just about jumped out of your skin. I see Jesus in you…and you are awesome at what you do!!! I will never forget baptizing you and your brother…and then watching you and him baptize your parents just a week ago. I am proud of you and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years hold. You are going to be an incredible dad! Thanks for your friendship!

Moorhead - wow, I remember asking you and your wife to serve God by emptying trash cans…and you both embraced that responsibility and did it with servants hearts. I saw Jesus work in both of you and I saw him repair a marriage that had been through some rough times. I rejoiced at the birth of each of your children…and I love them like they are my own. I remember asking you to come on staff—we were at Ruby Tuesday…and you accepted the job that night. AND I have seen the Lord do such a work in you…and I know the best is yet to come. You have been willing to take on tasks that you have never done before, and I never worry if you say, “I’ve got it!” Thanks for your friendship!

Shane - thank you for your faith!!! There have been so many times that I lacked faith…and the Lord used yours to pull me through. I have NEVER seen you say, “I don’t think that can be done.” AND your passion for Jesus and His word BOTH challenge and encourage me. I remember the night I asked you to come on board—we were at Cracker Barrel…and you said yes and then worked for three days before you even knew what your salary was!!! I see Jesus in you and the way you lead your family and love your wife…and it is my prayer that I can be just half the dad that you are…thanks for your friendship!

Paul - There are times when I think about you and am just blown away. You were a huge success in the business world, you had a very promising career…and you “sold out” and came to work with me. I am so honored by your step of faith…and the fact that you believed in me has encouraged me more than you will ever know. I remember the night at Texas Roadhouse I asked you, “are you supposed to sell beer, cigarettes and condoms for the rest of your life…OR, do you want to build God’s kingdom?” You didn’t sleep for three night and FINALLY stopped running…and wow, we’ve seen God do some amazing things haven’t we? I LOVE the way you love your wife—your relationship with her challenges me to be a better husband. Thanks for modeling marriage and parenting for all of us…and thanks for your friendship.

Tony - dude, I cannot believe you are on staff with us! The energy you display in staff meetings absolutely PUMPS me up! I love how you are always rational…and already have talked me out of doing and saying some stupid things. I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing you as long as I have known the other guys…but I know God has called you here, the way you stepped in and connected with us immediately has been amazing. There are times I walk out of my office and down the hall just to see if you are there so we can chat for a minute or two…I just love being around you dude. I love your family, you have GREAT kids…and your friendship means the world to me!

I thought of all you guys this week when I read I Chronicles 12:22, the Lord has brought us all together, and we are here to FORCEFULLY advance His kingdom. I would walk through hell with you guys…and I know you would each do the same for me.

To pastors and church planters out there—take your time forming a team. AND do not listen to the LIE that you cannot be friends with the people you serve with…it is simply NOT true!!! I have heard people say that if you get too close to people that they will not respect your leadership—this ALWAYS comes from weak, insecure leaders who feel that the world is out to get them! These men I have listed…I love these guys. AND…they love me, serve with me, are honest with me…and are dedicated to building God’s kingdom!!

Guys—hold onto your forks…the best is yet to come!!!  We are “unschooled” and “ordinary” by the worlds standards, but according to Acts 4:13—that’s pretty good!!!

(Did anyone find it funny that I offered everyone of these guys a job at a different restaurant? What can I say…I love to eat!!!)

I wish I had time to post about the others at NewSpring that mean so much…wow…I will cover that in another post! :-)