Dec 22, 2011

A Quick Note To Pastors/Church Leaders…

I said it earlier this year…I will say it again, CELEBRATE what God is doing in your church!

I was reading the other morning in my time with the Lord through the book of Ezra…and Ezra 3:11-13 literally LEAPED off the page at me, THEY MADE NOISE when they saw the work of God being done, so much so that the Bible literally says that the noise was heard from far away!


In fact, as we read through the first five books of the Bible it is VERY clear that God wants His people to CELEBRATE as He COMMANDED celebrations (festivals) all throughout the year!

Unfortunately, the church just doesn’t celebrate that well anymore.  It’s sad…WE ALLOW THE WORLD TO “OUT CELEBRATE” US!  What the crap is that?  Why in the world would we allow the unveiling of a new iPhone or a three point shot trump what we’ve been given to celebrate?  (I wrote more about this back in June here if you want to read it!)

I say this because I really do believe that Jesus is about to do some amazing things all across the world in HIS CHURCH during this Christmas season…and I want to encourage you to CELEBRATE what HE DOES!



Blog about it…

Blow twitter up…

Put it on Facebook…

Tell EVERYONE what’s going on!

How many people came to church?

How many people received Christ?


Sure, people will accuse you of bragging.  People will accuse you of being about the numbers.  People will take shots at you for doing so…don’t let them steal your joy because people on “TEAM JESUS” WILL celebrate WITH YOU!

Church leaders need to be better stewards of celebrating what God is doing.

God’s about to do something GREAT in your church…CELEBRATE IT!

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