Dec 4, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, SEVEN things I want to share with you today...

#1 - CELEBRATE with me NewSpring that this past Sunday we launched our Greenwood campus...and had 1,526 people in attendance!!!  (And every single one of those people have a name, and every name has a story...and every story matters to God!)  

#2 - CELEBRATE with me that we had 20,682 people attend a service somewhere in the state at one of our eight locations (and that doesn't even include our online attendance!)  Just to put it in perspective...that's over a 60% increase in regards to where we were on this same Sunday last year!!!  AND...also keep in mind that we are one fifth of the way towards reaching 100,000!!!  

#3 - CELEBRATE with me that NewSpring Church is a place where we will not be obsessed with the behavior of those who do not know Christ but rather their hearts...and that we will walk towards the mess and do all that we can to reach/impact them with the Gospel!!!  (Seriously...I can't say it enough, Sunday was one of the top five best services we've EVER had here in the history of our church...and, if you want to check out the message in 10 tweets or less you can do so right here!)  

#4 - CELEBRATE that we got to see three testimonies of people who someone invited to church, they received Christ and were baptized on stage during the service!!!  I cried all three times...seeing that happen NEVER GETS OLD!!!  

#5 - CELEBRATE with me that we have 44 Christmas services across eight different locations all across the state (the service times for every campus are listed right here!)  

#6 - CELEBRATE with me that THIS COMING SUNDAY is going to be amazing as we gather together to CELEBRATE COMMUNION!!!  (It's a GREAT service to invite someone too...we always see people meet Christ when we do communion!!!)  

#7 - CELEBRATE with me that a couple of years ago I stood in front of the church and asked someone to give two million dollars so we could open a campus in Greenwood...and SOMEONE DID!!!  Because of radical generosity we were able to not just DREAM about something but actually do it!!  Our Christmas offering this year is going to pave the way for us to be able to do some incredible things...which include giving shoes away to 9 different schools in our state to kids who would NOT get a new pair of shoes this year if it were not for our church stepping up and being the church. It will also allow us to partner with churches both here in the US and overseas and pour into them financially so they can do what they need to do. And the Christmas offering will also help us get things ready to begin to move some of our portable campuses into permanent facilities as well as begin one or two more!!  

You can give without loving...but you can't love without giving!!  With that in mind...I would ask that you take some time to check out this website having to do with our Christmas offering and ask the Lord what He might have you do in regards to this effort.  

I AM ABSOLUTELY PUMPED about what is happening in/around/through our church right now!!  I LOVE MY CHURCH...THE BEST IS YET TO COME...see you on SUNDAY!  

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