Nov 27, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, SEVEN things I want to share with you today...

#1 - Cookie Cawthon did an AMAZING job this past Sunday by bringing an unbelievably challenging message in the final week of our Eve & Adam series.  As I said when I introduced her...the guys are going to REALLY like the message but the women are going to LOVE IT!  It was one of the BEST series we've ever done here at NewSpring Church!  

#2 - Here is the message in 10 tweets if you want a summary/recap!

#3 - THIS SUNDAY we open our eighth campus in GREENWOOD with two services, one at 9:15 & the other at 11:15!!!  I'm more excited than a worship leader who discovered a sale on skinny jeans!  If you know someone in/near Greenwood who dos not go to church then GET THEM to our Greenwood campus this Sunday, it's going to be ELECTRIC!!!  (And you can connect with our Greenwood location on Facebook right here!)  

#4 - THIS SUNDAY we begin our FULLY ALIVE series!  I've noticed an increasing fascination with zombies over the past year or so...there are TV shows/movies about them and such; however, I've seen zombies for over 20 years--THEY COME TO CHURCH EVERY SUNDAY!!  AND...if we will be honest, many times we feel zombie-like when it comes to our walk with God. do we get past that and embrace the fact that as individuals AND as a church God has called us to be FULLY ALIVE?  We DIVE into that THIS SUNDAY!!!  

#5 - GO RIGHT HERE and check out our service times for our Christmas services...and then go ahead and begin to PRAY about who God would want you to invite.  AND...when the Lord places a person (or people) on your heart then GO FOR IT!!  ('s not satan leading you to invite someone to church and/or share the gospel!)  Take a second to read James 5:19-20!  That passage of Scripture hit me hard this past week and I wrote in my journal, "Lord, please allow us to be the church that refuses to give up on people!"  I am reminded that His patience and kindness along with His persistent pursuit of me (through circumstances AND people) eventually won my heart...may we do the same for others who God has intentionally placed in our lives!!!  (Remember, EVERY relationship we have in our lives is intentional, not accidental!)  

#6 - I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY excited about the release of our band's Christmas CD this coming Sunday!!! 

#7 - AND...I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY excited about our upcoming Christmas offering!!!  Check out the details here!

That's it for this week...I LOVE MY CHURCH!  

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