Nov 6, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, SEVEN things I would LOVE to share today...

#1 - ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FOUR PEOPLE RECEIVED CHRIST ON SUNDAY!!!  WOW!  I'm PUMPED!!!  That NEVER GETS OLD!!!  (We also had our largest attendance in this series so far, and Spartanburg campus actually set a new attendance record with nearly 1,800 people!)  

#2 - If you missed the message or want a it is in 10 tweets!!!  And...some additional thoughts I would add are...

  • When Jesus confronts us He does not do so because He hates WHO we are...but rather because He hates WHERE we are!  
  • The reason Jesus is calling you out of your current story is because He wants something GREATER for your life!  

#3 - AND...if you want to see Trish's video from Sunday then here is the link (one of THE MOST powerful stories I've ever seen!)  

#4 - If you missed the announcement (and video) in regards to how we are partnering with a church in the NYC area to assist with the hurricane relief efforts then you can go here to find out more info AND to donate and make a difference!  

#5 - THIS COMING SUNDAY we are going to be diving into "Five Questions Every Single Girl Should Be Asking!"  You should make it a priority to be here if...

  • You are a single female!  
  • You are a single male (because some of these are the questions they will be asking about YOU!)  
  • You are married (because these questions will help you to be a better spouse!)  
  • You are breathing and/or have a pulse!  :-)  

#6 - ONCE AGAIN...if you have not checked out our Eve & Adam resource page then you are missing out!!!  On it you can watch messages from the series, read articles...and there is even a 30 day devotional written for those who want to read the Bible but do not know where to begin, or maybe are just looking for something new and fresh to do in their quiet times!  (Here is the link!)  

#7 - 2012 has been an incredible year for NewSpring Church...but...2013 is going to be THE BEST YEAR in our history!!!  I always want us to be a church that celebrates the past, but we never need to live there!!!  Our dreams for the future should always exceed the memories of the past!!!  Hold on to your fork NewSpring, the best is yet to come!! 

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