Oct 9, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church…

Howdy NewSpring Church, SEVEN things I want to share today…

#1 - Sunday was special!  EIGHT PEOPLE crossed over from DEATH to LIFE!  (Never gets old!)  And I was able to share the ONE THING I want for EVERYONE at NewSpring Church…that we would not just SEE God’s Word but that we would surrender to it!

#2 - Here is the message in 10 tweets if you missed it or if you want a recap!

#3 - On Sunday, October 21 we are going to begin a brand new series entitled “Eve & Adam!”  Back in the spring we did a series called “Adam & Eve” where we focused on what the Bible said TO and ABOUT men!  In this series we will dive into Scripture and see what the Bible says TO and ABOUT women as we deal with subjects such as…

  • Two Lies That Women Believe (These are two of the most paralyzing lies EVER!)
  • Am I With The Right One?
  • Seven Questions That Every Single Girl Should Be Asking
  • Secrets Women Keep
  • Four Barriers To Happily Ever After

I can promise you that if you are a woman OR if you want more insight into how to be a better husband (or future husband) then you have GOT TO BE HERE!!!  It is an EXCELLENT SERIES to invite someone to church!!!  ASK!

#4 - One of the questions that is often asked of me is, “Pastor P, I know I should read my Bible but I really don’t know where to begin.”  If this is you…if you want to read/take your walk with Christ to the next level but do not know where to begin then I believe you should check out our NewSpring Blog right here!  Our discipleship team does an amazing job EVERY single week providing devotional material that hundreds of people are finding helpful…and it’s FREE!  So, check it out!!

#5 - This coming Sunday is going to be the FINAL message in our Unleash series!!!  I want our NewSpring family to throw out some encouragement to Clayton King via twitter and let him know that you are PUMPED about him being with us!!!  The Lord ALWAYS uses Clayton to bring HIS WORD!!!  I can’t wait to see what happens (especially in the 6pm service…when Clayton has had zero rest and lots of caffeine!)

#6 - A HUGE thank you to everyone who bought the “Unleash” book on Sunday, I understand that we sold out on several campuses…I promise we will have more this week!  :-)  If you want to know more about the book and/or purchase it online you can do so here!  I am BLOWN AWAY at how much feedback we are getting about the book…and I’m discovering more and more that it’s not just a book…it’s a message that is absolutely changing lives!!!

#7 - I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!  As I said Sunday, I don’t love it because we are large or we have a large staff or really cool technology!  I love it because of the PEOPLE that are here…I loved this church when we had 15 people in a living room, I loved it when we had 115 on our first Sunday and I loved it the next week when we had around 55 people show up!  I loved it when we broke 1,000.  I loved it when we broke 10,000.  AND…I will love it when we reach 100,000!!!!!!!!!

That’s it for today…have a GREAT week!

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