May 15, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, FIVE things I want to share with you today…

#1 - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what Jesus is doing in our church.  On the Sunday that Clayton spoke (May 6) I received a text from a young man in my high school discipleship group that I lead telling me that he was PUMPED because a guy in his Fuse small group received Christ when Clayton gave the invitation!  Well…this past Sunday night I received another text from him and the conversation went like this…

  • Him:  “Remember how my small group kid got saved last week”
  • Me:  “Yep”
  • Him:  “Just making sure”
  • Him:  “oh, and he brought his dad and he got saved tonight”

THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!  Found People Find People!!!

#2 - Sunday was an INCREDIBLE Mother’s Day as we were able to focus on the fact that when we have a right relationship with Jesus it will allow us to have a right relationship with others.  I’ve been doing ministry for over 20 years and EVERY marriage problem that I’ve ever seen was the result of one or both people not actively walking with Jesus.  THE BEST thing we can do for our marriage (or our future marriage) is begin to ask Jesus to show us the areas where WE need to improve rather than complaining to Him about all of the things that are wrong with our spouse.

(Here is the video from the service that we showed to highlight what Ephesians 5:25 looks like when it is lived out…I can’t watch it without crying!)

#3 - This past series has been amazing…we’ve seen record attendance, hundreds of people surrender their lives to Christ and are already hearing a lot of excitement in regards to the “Eve & adam” series this fall where we will dive into what the Scriptures say to and about women.

#4 - The VISION EVENTS are happening THIS WEEK!!!  Last night we had one in Anderson for that campus and our Greenwood campus…and the schedule for the rest of the week is…

  • Tonight (Tuesday) - Florence, 7pm
  • Wednesday - Charleston, 7pm
  • Thursday - Columbia, 7pm
  • Saturday - Greenville, 7pm

I’m PUMPED about these events as I will be specifically sharing what we feel God has for our church in regards to our next steps…and I will also be sharing an announcement in regards to my future here at NewSpring Church that I am very excited about.  (I will also be sharing this announcement on Sunday in case you have to miss a vision event.)  We are going to reach 100,000 for Christ…and I’ve NEVER been more excited about our church than I am right now!

#5 - Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my Facebook page (right here) and left a comment since I have joined a few weeks ago.  And…if you haven’t yet, come on by…it took me some time but I finally joined the Facebook party!  (And…for the record, I never was against Facebook…it’s just that I have about as much technological wisdom as a pile of dirt!)  :-)

That’s it for today…I LOVE MY CHURCH!

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