A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Jul 19, 2011

Howdy NewSpring Church, seven things I wanted to share with you today…

#1 - The “On The Farm” series was amazing…and this past Sunday was one of my favorite Sunday’s we’ve ever had.  (I know I say that a lot…and it’s always true!)  I was so moved as we saw around 150 people receive Christ in this series on vision!!!  (Which simply proves that as we continue to exalt the name of Jesus and preach His Word that He will continue to draw people to Himself!)  It was also moving to see and hear about so many people taking their next step towards becoming a member owner of NewSpring Church.  As I shared this past Sunday there are basically three reasons I want for people to become fully involved in the ministry of a local church:

  • First - I want us to be obedient to the Scriptures.  As I said Sunday…it is a completely unbiblical concept that someone could attend a church but not belong there.  We’re called to be a part of a local body of believers.
  • Second - I want us to become mature in our walk with Christ.  Ephesians 4:11-13 clearly teaches us that as we become involved in serving we begin to develop more and more in our walk with Christ.
  • Third - I want us to become great.  Jesus Himself said in Matthew 20:24-28 that people who want to be great need to serve rather than seeking to be served.
  • Bonus - Because you are way too valuable to sit on the sidelines.  God wants to do something GREAT with your life…but that greatness begins with our willingness to serve Him with what we have, where we are!

#2 - We also talked about the four things you can do to fully support the ministry of our church…

  • BIG PRAYERS - Ones like Acts 4:32!  Join me in praying for an AWAKENING to take place at the Gauntlet, for at least 2,000 people to surrender their lives to Christ in our church by the end of the year…and also that the Lord would allow us to have a church/ministry that impacts AT LEAST 10% of this state (around 430,000!)
  • BOLD INVITATIONS - Don’t give up one someone, remember…God didn’t give up on you!!!
  • GENEROUS GIVING - Remember, this world is an airport, we’re catching a flight out of here!

#3 - Next week we begin a two week series entitled “Stories.”  Trust me…if you want to see Scripture come to life and watch how Jesus is STILL at work, meeting people where they are and bringing them to where they need to be then you’ve GOT to be here!!!

#4 - THEN…beginning on August 7th we’re going to be in the book of Revelation for eight weeks!!!

#5 - SO excited about the volunteer event THIS FRIDAY NIGHT!!! I’m BEGGING God to absolutely set us on FIRE that night!  (If you want to read ahead and prepare for that evening then I would recommend reading John 2-4.) I cannot WAIT to announce the two new locations the Lord has led us to!!!

#6 - Gauntlet will be in FULL SWING by this time next week!  As I said earlier, PLEASE pray for an AWAKENING to take place.  This is one of my favorite events that I have the honor of participating in every year…and it is an overwhelming thing to see all of the teenagers from every campus come together for one week.  Pray for our volunteers as well as they will be getting very little rest!  :-)

#7 - I hope you are considering going on the Israel trip…it’s going to be amazing, more info here.

That’s it!!!  I LOVE MY CHURCH!