Jun 18, 2009

A Great Question To Begin A Meeting With…

The other day I threw our leadership team a curveball in our weekly staff meeting…

After we sat down and goofed off for a few minutes I said, “OK guys and gals—we usually begin every week by evaluating Sunday…and we will get to that in a little while…but today I want to begin the meeting by asking each one of you what is God personally teaching you right now.”

The next 30-45 minutes were AWESOME as every person in the room began sharing how the Lord was dealing with each of us in unique and powerful ways.

I think if we are not careful as leaders that we can get so focused on God doing work around us and through us that we lose sight that He desires to work IN us!

Oh yeah…when you ask this question in a meeting…don’t announce that you are going to ask it…just a suggestion!

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