7 Myths About Overwhelmed Leaders

Mar 5, 2019

Every leader on the planet has had a season (or two) where we have felt completely overwhelmed.  

Here are 7 myths that are often said about leaders who are overwhelmed…

#1 - There must be sin in their lives (the “bad people” myth).  

#2 - They are not doing enough spiritually (reading Bible, praying, etc.) 

#3 - The reason they are overwhelmed is because everything is going wrong (when, in reality, many times leaders get overwhelmed because everything is going RIGHT!)  

#4 - They have simply hit their leadership lid and can’t go any further (and are often replaced!)  

#5 - They are not operating in their area of gifting/passion; after all, passionate people never get overwhelmed because they love what they do.  

#6 - They are leaders - so, they will figure out how to stop being overwhelmed on their own.  

#7 - The reason they are overwhelmed is because they are doing too much - so, if you take some things off their plate - they will get better.  

As the title of the article said - these are MYTH’S (meaning they are NOT TRUE!)  

However, at some point in my leadership journey - I’ve believed these myths (either about myself or others.) 

Which is why this is the first lesson we will be diving into on Wednesday, March 27 from 9:30 - 12:00 pm (EST) at our “Overwhelmed Leader” Event!  (This will be the first live leadership event we will be hosting at Second Chance Church!)  

BTW - we will also talk about: 

  • 10 Reasons Leaders Get Overwhelmed
  • 5 Dangers of Being Overwhelmed
  • 5 Steps To Take In Order To Step Out Of An Overwhelmed Life

There are two options to attend this event - the first one is to attend live (only 100 spots available, and they are filling up pretty fast.)  The cost is $59 and includes admission to the event, a tour of the Second Chance Church facility and a Q & A lunch.  

The second for those who want to attend - but may not want (or be able to) travel is to attend online - (there are several replay times on that day, as well as the next—so you will have multiple opportunities for viewing.  

Go here and get registered ASAP.