5 Encouraging Things I Want To Say To Everyone At NewSpring As We Prepare For The Best Weekend Ever

Aug 23, 2014

#1 – Your prayers for this weekend will make a HUGE difference. Thanks to EVERYONE who has prayed for our church as we get ready for this weekend...and, if everyone could stop right now and say a 30 second prayer just one more time that Jesus will save people this weekend that would be amazing!!!

#2 – Thank you for everyone who will be volunteering this weekend. EVERYTHING you do will make an eternal difference in hundreds, possibly thousands, of lives. Remember...saved people serve people so that served people will become saved people. 

#3 – Thank you to everyone who has gone the extra mile and you are bringing someone to church this weekend. I can promise we are doing everything possible to make sure it is going to the “The Best Weekend Ever” at our church. 

#4 – Thank you to everyone who has invited someone, been told “no,” and have not yet given up on them. Remember, according to II Peter 3:9 God is patient with them. If they are still refusing to come then stop right now and pray for them, and then ask them to come one more time. 

#5 – EVERY campus has added a Saturday evening service (6:00pm) for this weekend only, with the exception of our Lexington location (but they have added an 8:30am service for this weekend only as well.) Use it as a time to invite someone to church and then offer to take them out to eat and pay for it afterwards! 

I can’t wait – THE BEST IS YET TO COME!