Apr 19, 2010  |  Discipleship

10 Things Jesus Did Not Say!

Jesus made it pretty clear in John 13:34-35 as to how the world would know we are His disciples…notice He did NOT say, “They will know you are my disciples…

#1 - By the way you forward really stupid, ridiculous emails to one another…and if you refuse to forward them to everyone you have in your contact list then you don’t love me.

#2 - By the way you yell at people who don’t know me for living as if they don’t know me.

#3 - By your T-shirts and bumper stickers!

#4 - By the music you listen to!

#5 - By the political party you support.

#6 - By the denomination you belong to.

#7 - By the way you protest.

#8 - By the products and companies you boycott.

#9 - By the way you look down on those whom you perceive aren’t as good as you.

#10 - By the way you take from one another!

Nope…John 13:34-35 is clear, Jesus didn’t mix His Words…we are called to live this out.

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