10 Reasons Leaders Get Overwhelmed

Mar 12, 2019

10 Reasons Leaders Get Overwhelmed

#1 - They Feel Alone

And loneliness is a breeding ground for anxiousness!

#2 - Insecurity overrides their willingness to ask for help!

After all - leaders have to have it all together—and asking for help is a sign of weakness, right (Wrong!)

#3 - Comparison

Often times leaders cannot enjoy their success because we are so focused on the fact that other people are doing what we do - but seems to be achieving greater results.

#4 - Neglect Self Care

Because leaders care about the cause and about other people - the last thing on their “priority list” (if it’s on the list at all) is self care (because it's seen as selfishness.)

#5 - The “Get In The Box” Syndrome!

Often times we get in the box of who others want us to be rather than in the place where we thrive (This is a REALLY big deal!)

#6 - Avoiding Difficult Decisions

It’s not that leaders lack wisdom (most leaders I’ve met are incredibly smart) - it’s just we lack the courage to do what’s right - thus delaying the decision (which always leads to chaos rather than stability!)

#7 - We Allow The Outer Circle To Have Inner Access

When we allow those who don’t know us to define us - we will never escape the cycle of being overwhelmed.  (Discovering this was a breakthrough for me personally - and I will go in depth on this at the upcoming event!)

#8 - Trying To Do Too Much, Too Soon

Often times leaders have lots of great ideas - but when we don’t prioritize them and take it step by step and instead launch all of them at the same time - we wind up drowning in the pool we filled up!

#9 - The Inability To Say “No!"

The word “no” is a complete sentence - but often times we can’t say “no” because we don’t want to disappoint people.

#10 - Pressure

Pressure and leadership hold hands - it’s not how to get rid of the pressure—but rather how to deal with it in a way that actually motivates you rather than overwhelming you.

We are going to discuss all of these (and a lot more) at my next leadership event on March 27, 2019 called “The Overwhelmed Leader.”

Because…I am tired of overwhelmed leaders hitting a wall, crashing and dropping out of the game altogether.

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