10 Random Leadership Thoughts!

Jun 21, 2010

#1 - We need your help in recording the next Perry Noble leadership podcast!  (The June episode, “The Importance of Anticipation and Desperation” is up if you haven’t downloaded it yet.)  We want to know YOUR leadership questions.  We want YOU to pick what we talk about.  SO - “tweet” your leadership questions to @karlz and she pass them along.

#2 - Never trust/follow a leader who isn’t willing to ask for help!  The person who tries to seem like they have it all together is usually trying to hide the fact that they are falling apart.

#3 - Never trust/follow a leader who cannot celebrate the success of others.

#4 - Never make a judgment call about someone or their ministry based on an edited youtube video or a couple of sentences that someone completely took out of context and misused/misrepresented the person with…look at their entire ministry.

#5 - To think that you must agree with everyone on everything to partner with and learn from them is both shallow and arrogant.

#6 - You can preach, teach and scream all you want about how God has “called you” - but don’t forget that the first thing He’s called you to is INTEGRITY!  (See I Timothy 3:1-2)

#7 - If there ever comes a time where we feel like we’ve got nothing else to learn…it’s over!

#8 - Leadership doesn’t mean we play it safe…it means we are the first to face our fears and embrace the unknown so that the path is cleared out for those who follow.

#9 - Nope…it’s NOT easy, God never promised that it would be!  BUT…He did promise to be with us, sustain us and do in and through us what we could never accomplish on our own!

#10 - Radical faith is a much greater motivator than irrational fear.