Dec 23, 2008

People have asked me in the past why I do what I do…it’s simple…

#1 - I’ve never gotten over meeting Jesus…He literally changed my life on May 27,1990…and I want EVERYONE on the planet to meet Him as well!

#2 - I believe in the local church.  I’m obsessed with it…and I think when it is working properly there is NOTHING like it on the planet.

#3 - I believe that God has created each and every person on the planet with a unique purpose in mind…and I desperately want each of them to discover it and pursue it because, in doing so, God will continue to be glorified.

#4 - I believe that God is so much larger than I could ever think or imagine He is…and I want to see Him become more and more important in our lives.

#5 - I believe that only what is done for Christ will last for eternity.

#6 - I believe that the greatest move of God to ever hit the planet is STILL YET TO COME…and I desperately want to be a part of it.

#7 - I believe the most innovative ways of doing church haven’t even been thought of yet…quite possibly because those who God is going to use to develop them aren’t even in the Kingdom yet!

#8 - I believe the GREATEST missions opportunity the church has is its willingness to invest in youth and children’s ministry!

#9 - I believe that planning and preparation in regards to church services honors God.

#10 - I believe it is the primary job of the church to preach the Gospel…to lift up Jesus…to challenge people to go and invite people to church where they hear about JESUS…and HE changes their lives!

Those are just a few reasons of why I do what I do!