Three Stats Your Church Needs To Know

Nov 7, 2018

#1 - 49% of all church giving happens via a debit or credit card

Passing around a plate isn’t enough anymore. With most of your members carrying cards, it’s easier for them to simply tithe via an app or website instead of carrying cash to church. With 60% of churchgoers wanting to donate digitally, you need an online giving platform.

#2 - Worldwide, there were 2.46 billion social media users

That number is expected to grow to 2.62 billion in 2018. Social media gives you the chance to reach billions. Think of how many people might see a shared post or watch an engaging video from your church. A single post could be enough to engage someone who’s questioning their faith or hasn’t even thought about church before.

#3 - People Want Online Options

Google sees around 30,000 searches every month related to online church and church services online. You don’t have to switch to an online church to reach people. However, offering live streaming or uploading your sermons helps to reach more people and can boost online tithing.

Now it is time to grow your church 

As a leader you want your Church to grow and we want to help you. The Online Double Conference, held November 13th or 14th, is designed to help you identify key markers for growth, prepare for them, and cast vision for growth to your staff and key volunteers.

The conference will be hosted online and one ticket provides you, your staff and volunteers with four opportunities to watch.

The early bird price is $49 -- ends November 8th!

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