Seven Reasons I Believe Jesus Is Going To Save 500 People This Weekend At NewSpring Church

Oct 24, 2014

#1 – Because at NewSpring Church we believe that “found people find people,” and we ALWAYS step up to do whatever it takes to bring someone to a place where they can hear a message about Jesus. 

(Who are you bringing? If someone popped into your mind shoot them a text right now and ask them to come with you on Sunday!) 

#2 – Because Jesus wants to save people (see I Timothy 2:3-5).

#3 – Because we are praying Him to do it (would you please stop right now and say a 10 second prayer, asking Jesus to save 500 people on Sunday?) (Psalm 2:8

#4 – Because, like Jesus, you are going to be patient with people you’ve invited before (II Peter 3:9), kind to them (Romans 2:4) and ask them one more time. 

#5 – Because statistics show that 25% of people who do not go to church say they would attend a church this Sunday if someone personally invited them. (Stop for a second and think about who invited you!) 

#6 – Because we have gone all out to make sure the Gospel is going to be presented in one of the most clear and compelling messages we’ve ever put together. (Trust me, it’s gonna be AWESOME!)   

#7 – Because the Gospel is GOOD NEWS, and when it is presented in a clear presentation it is nearly irresistible! 

Let’s go for it NewSpring!!!