NewSpring Church Is All About The Numbers

Sep 2, 2014

At NewSpring Church, we care A LOT about the numbers.

We talk about numbers all the time.

Every Sunday, we post about numbers on social media. And we celebrate numbers!

We’ve caught some flak for that…and it’s usually part of a complaint that we are just another “megachurch…”

In the last few decades, it seems like “megachurch” and other terms have been used more in negative ways than positive ones.

Who decided numbers are bad? It wasn’t God.

I think God cares A LOT about numbers!

The Church began with a few dozen people and immediately grew to 120 (Acts 1:15).

Within a few days the Church blew past the 3,000-person “megachurch” mark (Acts 2:41).

Somebody forgot to tell Jesus to slow down when the Church started to grow…every single day (Acts 2:47)!

Was 5,000 people too big for the Church? No way (Acts 4:4)!

Apparently Jesus wanted the Church to go way further around the world than anything else (Acts 1:8)!

It looks like Jesus unapologetically grew the size of His Church beyond hundreds…and thousands…and maybe He even wants MILLIONS or BILLIONS of people to be part of the Church!

But the way some talk about it makes it sound like they’d rather see churches stay small. It sounds like they would rather keep things small for convenience’s sake.

If we’re not concerned about reaching more people far from Jesus, we can keep our churches at a comfortable, small size. We can continue to do things the way we’ve always done them, only talk to the people who keep coming, and never worry about people outside the walls of our buildings because they might make us uncomfortable…

…All the while people are going to hell because we’re more concerned about our temporary comfort than people’s eternal destinations!

Maybe they don’t like the idea of “megachurches” because their doubt is bigger than their faith that God can build a BIG Church!

Why We Want the BIGGEST Number

At NewSpring, we are concerned about numbers because Jesus was concerned about the numbers. He wants more people to live in freedom from sin and experience the joy of knowing Him!

We’re all about the numbers because we believe that every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God!

Jesus never put a limit on how many people He wanted to reach. He came to reach people far from God, and there are far too many in the world who have yet to experience the life changing love of God (Luke 19:10). When the message about Jesus spreads and more people decide to follow Him, it’s something worth celebrating, not debating or negating (Acts 6:7).

We aren't just about NewSpring being a church of thousands of people…we want all churches to be thousands strong because of the potential the Church has!

God’s called us to something bigger than ourselves and we can’t do it if we apologize for what He told us to do (Matthew 28:18-20)!

It’s always easier to maintain a monument, but God’s called us to fuel the movement He started.

We’re not a perfect church and we never will be. But we are a growing church that believes God wants more for us than we can even imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21)!

The best is yet to come!!!