My Friend Joe

Jun 19, 2009

Pastors, church leaders…let me introduce you to Joe Sangl.  (Just in case you haven’t met him.)

Why do you need to meet Joe?  It’s really quite simple…there are people in your church that are up to their eyeballs in debt…they would love to tithe, many of them would love to give generously…but they feel like they can’t because they are enslaved to consumer debt.

AND…I’ve learned after nearly 10 years of being a pastor that preaching on what the Bible says about money just isn’t enough.  You know what I mean…a good sermon on money will usually motivate people for about four hours…then reality sets in and they usually feel more hopeless (and guilt ridden) than before.  Because…

When we preach on money we usually talk about WHAT should be done…but we often leave out the HOW it CAN be done!

This is where Joe comes in.  In my opinion Joe is the best that there is when it comes to teaching people HOW to get out of debt and begin to honor God with the money He has blessed them with.  His teaching is both biblical and practical and can help ANYONE…regardless of their financial condition.

Joe has been on staff here at NewSpring Church for the past three years.  (He actually is one of the founding members of NewSpring…we used to have staff meetings in a room above his garage!)  BUT…he is now launching out with the ministry the Lord has given him to help as many people as possible begin to handle their money in a way that honors God and helps them to accomplish their potential in Christ.

NO…he’s not leaving NewSpring; in fact, he will still be volunteering, teaching seminars, training counselors and probably even teaching on a Sunday from time to time.

The reason for this post is to introduce him to as many people as possible…and to let you know that if you want to take this area of your church to the next level…I highly recommend you contact Joe.  He is an excellent communicator AND does an awesome job at training others and doing Financial Learning Experiences where people learn the basics and get on the right track.

One more time…here is his website. I am quite sure he would LOVE to hear from you!  And once again…if you want someone to come along side of you and help you assist people in getting out of debt…Joe is your man!