Is The Economy Freaking You Out?

Jan 19, 2009

I am unapologetic about the fact that I teach on money at NewSpring Church.

BECAUSE…one of the most “out of control” areas in our lives as Americans today is the way we handle our finances.

AND…because of carelessness, greed and ignoring the obvious warning signs…the economy has gone through some SERIOUS turmoil.

Here at NewSpring I tell people that when it comes to personal finances we really have two desires for everyone…

#1 - To Put God First In Your Finances.  

Jesus doesn’t just want some of us…He wants all of us.  And one of the most direct things He ever said in regards to money is found in Matthew 6:21 where He covers the fact that if He doesn’t have our treasure then He doesn’t fully have our heart.

He doesn’t want leftovers…He wants our love…and love is when we are NOT just about being a taker…but rather a giver.

We challenge people to tithe…and I have even said that tithing is not about NewSpring being after your money…and that if you actually believe that then just send your tithe to another church for the next three months.  SERIOUSLY!

I don’t want ANYTHING from people…I want something FOR them (quote from Andy Stanley!!!)  I want FOR you to discover the incredible freedom and blessings from putting God FIRST in your finances.

Our second goal…

#2 - For You To Get Out Of Debt.  

Around 75% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck.  MANY of us have credit card balances that are TRAPPING us in serious debt.

Proverbs 22:7 speaks VOLUMES about the borrower being a slave to the lender…and as followers of Christ we are NOT supposed to be enslaved by ANYONE.

When we don’t have debt there is an INCREDIBLE amount of freedom in our lives.

AND…saying that, we want to help you get out of debt…to win with money so that you can do what God has called you to do rather than being enslaved in payments!

SO…this coming Wednesday at the Greenville campus and Thursday at the Anderson campus Joe Sangl will be teaching his Financial Learning Experience…AND WE WANT YOU TO BE THERE.  (YOU CAN GO HERE TO SIGN UP!)

It’s free!!!  Why?  Because we want YOU to stop stressing over money.  To stop fighting over it.  To STOP letting it dominate your marriage.

We offer this every year…multiple times…and THIS NEEDS TO BE THE YEAR THAT YOU EMBRACE THIS!!!

SERIOUSLY…you don’t have to freak out when it comes to finances!  SO…do whatever you need to do to get to NewSpring THIS WEEK…and learn how simple it is to be set free from the burden of debt!!!