Is “Heaven Is For Real” Good for Christianity?

May 2, 2014

I can honestly say I was a little shocked about the bickering and quarreling about the book (and the movie) “Heaven Is For Real”! 

In fact, because I have heard so many people arguing back and forth, and so many “Christians” seemed angry about it, I actually bought the book and read it. 

Bottom line, I loved the book (I have not seen the movie). I know the “theological police” have issues with it and have attempted to point out where it “falls short” of what the Scriptures say. BUT here are two questions I wrestle with…

#1 – Could God have done this? 

YES! Absolutely!! Who am I to claim that this event did not take place? I have heard people say there are no Biblical accounts of someone dying and then coming back from the dead (to which I do not believe is theologically accurate). 

Too many people are trying to limit God through their experiences and their theological view in regards to this matter.

Doesn't the Word of God say in Joel 2:28 that young men will “dream dreams”? Maybe this was a dream/revelation that God gave to this young man? It’s possible, right?  

Didn't Lazarus come back from the dead? (Some have argued he didn’t write anything down or talk about it; however, we don’t KNOW that!) 

Paul and John both had accounts where they were “taken up” into heaven. And Paul even admitted in II Corinthians 12:1-2 that he was not sure what type of experience it was.

The bottom line is I really do believe that an event like this is completely possible. Who am I to say how God does and does not reveal Himself and His story to people? 

Do I believe EVERY account of EVERYONE who has ever said they died and went to heaven? 


But…I do believe it has happened and will continue to happen. 

#2 – Isn’t the fact that people are talking about heaven a win? 

Once again, I believe some people have missed the point entirely on this…people are talking about heaven and hell. Some of the best selling books over the past several years have been on these subjects. Which I believe is positive because the more people talk about it the more people will seek out answers, which COULD lead many people to actually attend a church, read a Bible or talk to a Christian they know. 

It is sad because Christians want people to talk about God and the Bible, but they only want people to do so through their particular theological viewpoint. 

I LOVE the fact that the book and the movie are SO POPULAR. I think it is a good thing and that Jesus will use it to draw people to Himself. 

This June at NewSpring Church we are doing a series entitled, “What Happens When You Die” where we will talk about heaven, hell and what happens in those places. 

I can’t wait! 

And…yes, if you are wondering, I absolutely recommend the book.