Five Reasons You Should NOT Hire A Consultant

Jan 4, 2017

#1 - You are satisfied with the way things are.  

You show up to work everyday, your brain goes onto autopilot and THE one thing you look forward to the most is when you can go home.  You don’t want growth, expansion or to make a difference.  

#2 - They cost too much money.  

Consultants cost money.  

I personally fought this internal battle until one day I was reading Proverbs and Proverbs 4:7 hit me like a sledge hammer in the face…it says…

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.
    Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

You can either look at it as an expense or an investment.  

I can specifically remember REALLY battling with bringing in a consultant several years ago!  He was $50,000 for two days!  However, as a result of his time with us our church was able to put together a campaign that raised $3,000,000! 

I don’t know about you - but I would exchange $50,000 for $3,000,000 all day long!  

#3 - Maybe you know they are going to say your baby is ugly.  �� 

Several years ago I knew we should bring in a consultant to assist us with an area of our church that needed help; however, the MAIN reason I resisted is I knew the consultant was going to tell us something was wrong with a particular area of the church I didn’t want to admit was a problem area.  

Reluctantly I agreed to bring them in, they did point out the obvious problem area - and though it was painful, it set me up for success over the next stretch of ministry.  

#4 - You’ve tried consultants before - they didn’t work!  

Yep, I get it - some work, some do not…

Which is why I think you should consider The Growth Company.  

When it comes to churches, I have over 25 years of experience, and instead of coming in and selling you on more products, I really do want to partner with you to help you see the best next step for your church in your pursuit to fulfill the great commission.  

If you are a business - I have business experience as well.  Lots of people say the church is not a business - I say if you have a checking account then you are a business!!!  When we started NewSpring we had one employee (me) and a $58,000 budget - when I left we had over 400 staff members and a budget that exceeded $60 million.  Along the way I learned a lot about culture, building teams and casting vision - and would love to come along side a help any way I can.  

#5 - You don’t see the need.  

Often times we are so busy working in the business that we don’t take the time to work on it.  

A great consultant has the ability to take you out of your church or business and look at it from a 30,000 foot view in order to make the changes that need to be made in order for it to take several steps forward. 

The Growth Company offers custom consulting - every church/business is different; therefore, we believe every approach to that church/business should be different as well.  

If you would like to set up a call to see how we could serve you then visit either… or