Five Friday Thoughts…

May 2, 2008

#1 - I think I am going to run for President in four years! If the three candidates are the best we’ve got in America…I think I seriously have a shot. Tony has agreed to be VP…and I would make Brad the Press Secretary, no one would ask that handsome man tough questions!  Who, in blog world, do you think I should appoint to a cabinet position?

#2 - Someone gave me a Disco Mickey Mouse record yesterday…and I made a victory lap around NewSpring Church and showed it off to everyone…it made me VERY HAPPY!

#3 - We are changing the way we do meetings at NewSpring next week…moving SMT from Monday afternoon tol Tuesday afternoon…and moving creativity from Wednesday morning to Tuesday morning. We’ve never tried it this way before…so…it should be interesting. I love switching things up!

#4 - Someone asked me the other day if I wasn’t in ministry then what would I be doing…I didn’t have an answer! I literally can’t think of a thing I had rather be doing that this. Jeremiah 20:9 is so true of me—anytime I even think about wanting to quit (and EVERY pastor has) He just sets me on fire all over again!

#5 - We are beginning a new series this weekend entitled “ME or jesus?” I personally think it is going to be one of the most challenging series of messages we’ve ever put together. There are times I believe a church needs to go through a time of encouragement…and then there are times we need to be challenged…this is one of those seasons of challenge.

(I know that personally God is challenging the snot out of me right now!)

BONUS: Charisse said the word “bird” 1,294 times yesterday…and it was cute every single time!!!