Eight Things A Husband CANNOT Do!

Sep 6, 2012

#1 - A husband CANNOT be harsh with his wife (I Peter 3:7)...and if she says you are harsh…then you are!

#2 - A husband CANNOT show up at home after coming home from work, sit in a chair, watch the same episode of Sports Center three times in a row and “zone out” in regards to his wife and children and then expect to be respected as “the spiritual leader” by his family.

#3 - A husband CANNOT expect his wife and/or the church to lead the family spiritually, He’s got to step up (I Corinthians 13:11!)

#4 - A husband CANNOT devote more time to a hobby (golf, hunting, etc.) than he does his own wife and then expect her to always be “in the mood” when he has held a golf club way more than he has held her!

#5 - A husband CANNOT desire to be right more than he actually desires to settle the conflict that is being dealt with…the result if he does will always be fighting IN instead of fighting FOR the marriage.

#6 - A husband CANNOT “innocently flirt” with other women either in person or online and not expect it to bring about significant damage in regards to his marriage (Proverbs 6:27!)

#7 - A husband CANNOT pursue porn and pursue his wife…she will always lose because porn is easy, it requires no commitment!

#8 - A husband CANNOT allow his pride to get in the way by refusing to ask for help when it comes to issues in the marriage (James 5:16)!

BONUS:  A wife CANNOT use any of the previous points to beat her husband up!!!