You Can Take Your Entire Staff To A Conference For $39

Oct 23, 2018

(...until the end of the day today, Tuesday, October 23 - then the price increases to $49!)  

Often times one of the greatest things as a church leader I experienced was attending conferences and events that absolutely stretched my mind and increased my capacity to dream big...

...however, it was often one of my greatest frustrations as well--because when I would come back and try to explain (or even put into practice) what I had learned I would receive resistance, NOT because the people resisting were BAD, but because they had not heard what I had heard nor seen what I had experienced!  (And - no matter how hard you try - you just can't expect them to feel the same way you feel.)  

So - after this happened a few times I began trying to take as many staff and volunteers to events as possible; however, over time the costs began to get quite astronomical and so we had to begin to reduce the number of people we would bring...

...which brought us back to the same issue we were having before, except on a much larger scale...

..which is one of the reasons for the Double Conference!  (I believe YOUR church has the potential to double in size over the next 3-5 years--yes, your church!)  

This conference is an online event - in other words - you and your entire staff, as well as volunteers, can watch this and then work through what you believe your church needs to do in order to take your next step.'s only $39 (the coffee and snacks you will buy will most likely cost more than that!)  

Go here right now to find out more information and get signed up - because tomorrow the price bumps up to $49!