Why Do Marriages Go Bad?

Oct 13, 2010

So…this Sunday at every NewSpring Church campus we are beginning a brand new series entitled “Man Versus Wife” where we will be diving into what the Bible says about marriage.  (AND…this is a GREAT series to go all out to get people to church!)  In anticipation of that series I wanted to share four reasons why I believe marriages go bad…

#1 - Selfishness

We are ALL selfish people!  AND…when we view marriage as an opportunity to get all of our needs met rather than as an opportunity to serve someone it will always go bad.  (BTW…if you want to get ready for this Sunday spend some time reading Philippians 2:1-5).

#2 - Sacrifice (Lack Of)

When we date we usually make extreme sacrifices for one another…but for some reason people think when marriage happens the sacrifice stops, when in actuality it needs to increase.

I’ve NEVER seen a marriage go bad when both of the people in the marriage were focused on sacrificing themselves for the purpose of serving the other peson.  What is it that you need to give up for your marriage to go to the next level?

#3 - Stress

Marriage seems hard…because…it is hard!!!  AND…many marriages fall apart because things are not easy…and rather through fighting FOR the marriage couples allow the stress to cause them to fight IN their marriage.

If there is stress in your marriage…you are normal, especially when you add the pressures of schedules, expectations, kids, job, finances and day to day life.  Too many couples allow stress to separate them when it should actually solidify them and bring them together.

#4 - Sickness

If your marriage needs help…ASK!!!

If I’m sick and simply deny it and refuse to go to the doctor…what was a small issue can wind up turing into an issue that could kill me.

If there is a problem in your marriage THE BEST thing you can do is confess the issue and ask for help!  Doing so doesn’t mean you are weak…it means you are godly!!!  (See James 5:16)

Many marriages have been destroyed because pride dominated the couple…and a simple issue that is easily correctable with the godly wisdom of others is allowed to go unattended…and it always destroys.

Marriage CAN work…and it DOES work when we are determined to do it God’s way…we’ll dive into this more on Sunday, can’t wait!