Where Do You Get Your Vision?

Apr 16, 2008

One of the questions that is often asked of me by pastors and church leaders is, “Where do you get your vision?”

My answer usually seems to frustrate them because…well…it’s simple. Leadership (and vision) is as easy as listening to God.

  • Vision does not come through a committee. Good ideas may come that way. Much needed discussion may come out of a meeting like that…but not vision.
  • Vision does not come through a conference. You may get INSPIRATION…but not REVELATION. I think of of the sad things in conference world today is pastors will attend a conference, go home & then try to be EVERYTHING except for what God called them to be.
  • Vision does not come out of books. Once again—excellent ideas do. Wisdom comes from reading. You can seriously be challenged and stretched by reading…but vision isn’t in the pages of the next best seller.
  • Vision does not come from trying to repeat what has been successful in the past…that’s not vision, that’s the leader being a victim of previous success.

I still say that passionate, white hot, hell charging, world changing & people inspiring vision comes from intentional and uninterrupted time with Jesus…in HIS Word, seeking HIS face through prayers—staying connected with HIS Holy Spirit throughout the day.

So when people ask me, “Where do you get your vision?” My answer is always the time…I meet with God & I don’t move until He tells me to move…but WHEN He tells me to move I go until He tells me to stop.

I am just finished reading through the first five books of the Bible…and most of those books are about Moses…who God totally messed up his life of comfortability and asked him to lead a MAJOR relocation project. He had never done that before…he was CLUELESS…yet…

God used him in an incredible way…and, in my opinion, he is one of the most incredible leaders in all of Scripture.

In reading through Moses’ story I discovered that one of the MOST REPEATED PHRASES in Moses’ leadership journey is, “The Lord told Moses…” and then He would just do what the Lord told him to do.

Leadership is as easy as listening to God. I always advise pastors and church leaders to get on their face and stay there until God says otherwise. I have NEVER made a bad or wrong decision when I clearly heard from God and followed—EVER!

So how do you know when your vision is from God? Next post…