What I Believe

Apr 4, 2008

There are some things that are just in me—DEEPLY! I don’t hold these things up for debate—they are convictions that have been developed in me through time with God and experiences in life…

I BELIEVE that Jesus Christ should be the CENTRAL message of the church…not recycling, not global warming, not politics, not home schooling—JESUS CHRIST! He is the ONE who paid for sin. He is the ONLY ONE who makes things right between us and God. The church is HIS BRIDE—and HE IS OUR MESSAGE.

I BELIEVE that the Bible IS God’s Word…inerrant, infallible…and has the power to change lives it someone will just DECLARE it. Scripture is THE FINAL AUTHORITY on life and the church.

I BELIEVE that God desires for those who claim the name of Jesus to give Him our absolute best in all that we do. He didn’t give us His leftovers—He gave us His Son…and He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but does expect our best effort. (Malachi 1:6-14)

I BELIEVE that the church is God’s plan to reach the world. He hasn’t given up on her! The church is the ONLY ORGANIZATION that Jesus Himself established during His earthly ministry. Despite all of her faults and flaws—she’s still beautiful…and she’s still God’s plan! When it’s all said and done—He’s coming back for His bride—THE CHURCH!!!

I BELIEVE the church is called to reach people and not sit around in stupid/ridiculous groups trying to nitpick over meaningless terms (like missional/attractional).  I’ve discovered that MOST of the people who sit around and debate about HOW to do church AREN’T DOING CHURCH!!! 
I BELIEVE that God’s vision for each church is unique. God wants us all to reach the world—but HOW we do it will look different from place to place. I also believe that pastors should be secure enough to embrace the differences that exist in the body without attacking other ministries because they aren’t “like us!”

I BELIEVE God has a plan and purpose for every human being—that no one is an accident…and that we will never be truly fulfilled until we are living out God’s purpose for our lives.

I BELIEVE that God is the reason we are blessed—so giving 10% back to Him should not be that big of a deal.

I BELIEVE that marriage was designed by God to be between one man and one woman for life—and when done God’s way—it works.

I BELIEVE that when a man and woman have a child that he/she becomes their greatest discipleship opportunity…and that responsibility should be EMBRACED with open arms.

I BELIEVE that my wife is totally godly and hot…and my daughter is incredibly beautiful!

I BELIEVE that God is just getting things cranked up here at NewSpring Church.

I BELIEVE that one day we will see over 100,000 people attending a NewSpring service somewhere here in South Carolina.

I BELIEVE that I have the privilege of serving with the finest staff in the world.

Those are just some things I believe!