Watching People Pass You By…

Jun 25, 2006

Sherry Moorhead is our director of volunteers here at NewSpring and one of the people who ran the marathon with our crew in San Diego.

I remember approaching Sherry when I found out she was interested in running the marathon this past December and I told her she should. Her reply to me was, “I just don’t know if I can.” I promised I would do my best to help her, to encourage her, and to challenge her.

Sure enough—she showed up and began to run with us. I would finish my run and then run back to get her and run to the finish line, encouraging her all along the way. When I got to her she would always say, “You don’t have to come back for me,” but when we finished she would always say she was glad that I did.

I remember one run in particular—I think it was our 13 mile run…it was raining and MISERABLE…and I ran back to get her. About 300 yards away from the finish line she began to cry because she had no feeling in her right leg. I told her, “Girl, you have came this far and it is ok if you can’t finish.” That fired her up—she got faster and I had to do my best just to keep up with her.

Training for this marathon was more challenging for her than it was for me because of the simple fact that she has three children under the age of five years old. I can’t even begin to comprehend what it was like to train AND have a full time job AND be a wife AND be a mom…

There were a few times where she would not show up for our training runs during the week. I would either call her or walk by her office and issue a challenge or offer a word of encouragement. She had came so far…I was not going to watch her not follow through. And she was determined to do this thing!

So…the time came for the marathon—long story short—she finished—I did not. She can now say that she has done something that I have never done—completed a marathon. That’s AWESOME! I find a few leadership principals here that I would love to point out…

#1 - You Can’t Pour Your Life Into Everyone—But You Can Pour Your Life Into Someone

I was set free several years ago by the “fairness lie” that exists in ministry. You know the one—it says you have to be “fair” to people and invest the same amount of time into everyone. Where in the world did we ever get that idea? Jesus didn’t do that—He had a group of 72…out of that group He had 12…out of that group He had 3…and out of those three the Bible says that He had one that He loved.

I try my best to pour into people—I spend time with our leaders here at NewSpring…and they do the same with other people. Who are the people you are pouring into?

#2 - When People Who You Pour Into Pass You By…CELEBRATE!

I can honestly say that I am EXTREMELY PROUD of Sherry. The fact that she finished and I did not did not bother me at all. She did something that very few people have ever done…and because she finished—a part of me did as well.

You see…as a leader it should be our goal to raise up other leaders—and then as they pass us by—we CELEBRATE…we REJOICE…and we keep on training up other people. Jesus Himself said that we would do even greater things than Him…which is an amazing concept.

#3 - Look For Other Opportunities

I have already alluded to this—but I am now looking to run the Kiawah marathon in December…and I currently have about two people committed to training with me. They have never ran a marathon before…and so I am excited about the opportunity to invest in them…and hopefully they will finish BEFORE me.

As a leader we should always be looking for that next “diamond in the rough.” My former pastor, Bill Rigsby, took a chance on me. He mentored me for six years and put up with a lot of stupidity from me. However, he was patient with me—allowed me to make mistakes and celebrated my successes…and for that I am grateful! And Bill…you AND North Anderson are as much a part of what is going on here at NewSpring than anyone!!! Thanks!