Thoughts From C3—Day Two

Feb 27, 2008

So we continue…

Tommy Barnett - THIS DUDE reflects the joy of the Lord, he is always smiling!!!

  • When you are picking a leader to follow—look at character.
  • Every successful minister has wanted to quit.
  • Wanting to quit is a sign of success, successful people are the only ones who have anything to quit.
  • The thing that gets me out of bed every morning is the call of God.
  • Do not expose yourself to negative people.
  • Great men are ordinary men that did not quit.

TD Jakes (he was AMAZING! He is seriously one of the most anointed men on the planet!)

  • Where you are is NOT all that God has for you.
  • He spoke from the text Luke 24:13-31 and BLEW my mind!
  • You haven’t began to preach until you are controversial.
  • When God shows up in new ways people do not recognize Him. In reference to the Scripture above he commented that those who knew Him most failed to recognize Him b/c He looked different than they expected.
  • They didn’t recognize His voice! Lazarus did…and look what happened to him!
  • The beginning of leadership is to know that you don’t know as much as you think you know.
  • You can’t lead people that are not thirsty!
  • God wants us to go places that scare us!
  • Could it be that God is bigger than you think He is—bigger than you plans, your budget, your building projects, etc. Could it be that God has BIGGER plans in store?
  • If God had not broken me I would have never learned to trust Him.
  • Had He not broken me I would have not known that He was able - I would have still thought I was able.