Ten Books I Read This Year I Would STRONGLY Recommend

Dec 31, 2013

Not listed in order of ranking...

1 - Good To Great Social Sectors (Re-read!) Jim Collins

2 - Innovations Dirty Little Secret by Larry Osborne - if you have never read any of Larry's stuff this is a GREAT book to begin with.  He is a genius!  

3 - One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian - the BEST book on Grace I've EVER read!  

4 - How The Mighty Fall (Re-read) Jim Collins

5 - The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Carmine Gallo - this is the SECOND BEST BOOK on communication I have EVER read!  (This is the first!)  

6 - Love Does, Bob Goff, you will laugh, cry and LOVE Bob when you are done!  

7 - No Easy Day, Mark Owens - I could not put this book down, about Navy Seals and one of their most historic missions ever.  

8 - The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni (Reread) - I think this is his best book ever.  

9 - Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales, Randy Singer - if you LOVE fiction this one is GREAT!  

10 - Showdown - Saint - Sinner (3 separate fiction books) by Ted Dekker - Dekker is a genius, one of the best writers of all time, I could not put these books down!!!  

BONUS:  Seven Men & The Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Mataxas - just finished reading this one two days ago, a GREAT read!  

Double Bonus:  Popular:  Boys, Booze and Jesus by Tindell Baldwin - I am about 50% through this book and it is incredibly insightful as a dad who has a little girl.  Honestly, I wish every young girl in the world would read this book, seriously, it's THAT GOOD, it is going to help a lot of people.  (Parents, if you have a teenage daughter OR a daughter who is about to be a teen you need to read it!)