So When Is Second Chance Going To Get In Our Building?

Sep 24, 2018

Dear Second Chance Family,  

First of all - I cannot even begin to describe how contagious the excitement is in regards to us FINALLY having a place to gather together on a weekly basis.  The emails, letters and comments on social media always remind me there are so many "Second Chance" people who are eager to get this started.   

Originally I had thought our move in date would be this coming Sunday (September 30); however, given the fact I know nothing about construction...and have always been slightly optimistic in regards to timelines and such - uh - September 30 is definitely NOT going to be the date.   

So when is it?  

Here's the latest.  

The general contractor is slated to finish up within the next 10 days.  They have done an excellent job getting the building renovated, repainted, carpeted as well as getting the electrical and HVAC where it needs to be.  

After they have completed their portion - the AVL (audio, visual and lighting) will need to be installed (which will take somewhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the scheduling of the company we have under contract to do it.)  

AND...after the AVL install we will then need to purchase chairs for the auditorium, nursery equipment, children's equipment and supplies as well as several other things to make sure we can provide the cleanest, safest and most fun environment for children possible.  

So - how long is all of this going to take?  

Great question - the short (and honest) answer is - it all depends on the $250k fund.  

We were able to start this project, knowing we could get this far because of the amazing generosity of so many people.  We've been able to pay as we go, which has been such an incredible blessing.  

However, as I mentioned at the end of the message yesterday - so far we've had $176,598.02 given to the $250,000 fund - which is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE; however, it leaves us close to $75,000 short.  

There is no doubt in my mind the Lord will provide what we need in His time - He's opened so many doors for us along this path.  However, as we are doing our best to pay as we go - our move in date isn't determined by desire but rather affordability.  

Bottom line:  We are going to move in after we are able to purchase the remainder of what we need - get it set up and then train staff and volunteers on how to use it so we can provide the best experience possible for everyone who attends.  

I know this a bit weird for some, especially if you were around when I was at my last church - where we were able to launch campuses rather easily because of the people and resources that were available.  

However, as I've said so often - we are not a campus launch, we are a true church plant.  We started with absolutely nothing and are literally building things from scratch, which takes time (and patience.)  

So - once again, the most honest answer is - I have no idea when we are actually going to get into the building.  It's a matter of construction, an AVL instal and the ability to purchase the essentials we need to make church happen every week.  

Until all of this takes place we will continue to meet online (which I absolutely love!)  

A HUGE "thank you" to everyone who has been so incredibly generous and have helped us take major steps forward in our efforts to get into this building.  

I believe with all of my heart we are going to see Jesus do incredible things in this place - and people who have given up on God (or feel as if God has given up on them) are going to find hope, peace and a sense of belonging unlike they've ever experienced before.  

Even though we don't have a specific date set yet - I can say today we are one day closer.  So - keep praying the Lord will raise up people who will give in order that we may get to where all of us believe the Lord wants us to be.  

Love you all! 

Pastor P

PS - if you want to contribute to the 250k fund - you can do so online right here - or mail a check to...

Second Chance Church

210 South Main Street

Anderson, SC 29624