Seven Mistakes The Church Can Learn From The Auto Industry…Part One

Jan 6, 2009

1.  They Were Focused on the Wrong Message

While the auto industry was spending time and millions of dollars telling people to buy American made cars what they should have been doing instead was spending that same amount of time and that same about of money actually making better cars that people across the world would actually want to purchase.

The same thing can be said about the church.  Many times we can get too focused on, “please bring people to church” “get people to church” “do whatever it takes to bring people to this place” rather than creating a worship experience that exalts the name of Jesus and promotes life change to such an extent that people actually want to bring friends to church.  We should focus way more on what is happening in our services than advertising about them.

AND…another danger as a church is getting focused on ANY other agenda other than Jesus and His Kingdom.  More on that at another time!

2.  Trusting in Tradition

One of the mistakes the auto industry made was thinking because of our strong and successful past we will always have a strong and successful future.  People have always been loyal to us therefore people will always be loyal to us.  While they were basking in the glory of their tradition, up-start car companies came along and surpassed their quality of excellence and relevance in the society in which we live.

One of the mistakes we can make as a church is to begin to trust in tradition and think because we had a strong and successful past that we, our particular church, will always have a strong and successful future. The past is something that should always be celebrated. The past is something to be thankful to God for.  But the past is not an indicator of our future.  The past is merely and reflection of God’s faithfulness and God’s faithfulness will continue in the future not as we embrace tradition but as we embrace his leadership through his Holy Spirit.